Established Partnerships with Top Payment & Technology Players


Verifone Processes 50% of the World's Non-cash Transactions

Parvenu has API access to over 75 Verifone payment devices.


New Point of Sale App Stores Provide Distribution Opportunities

These new app stores let us reach more retailers faster


Payment Partners Reduce the Scope of PCI Compliance

PCI Compliance, security compliance around credit cards payments, used to be cumbersome and expensive. Payment partners make compliance easy.

Incubated by SEED SPOT in Fall 2017

SEED SPOT provides Parvenu with a network of resources, support, connections, and mentors.


Pilot Programs via Acquirers

Payment partnerships allow us to test with pilot programs.

Cloud computing provider for major retailers

IBM has made a $120,000 investment of technology credits in Parvenu and opening their global distribution channel of 25 million customers.

Other Business Partners